Uber Santanera

On this page you can read a bit about Bruno Santanera. In the past there arose in Godlinze (Groningen) under his inspiring leadership an sculpture and antiquities museum. All art objects are valued in the past and many already sold by Christies and Jan Pieter Chlerum.

Postcard from 1972 sculpture museum Godlinze.

Marble Sculpture (Bianco Carrare) anno 1600. From a cemetery in Genoa Italy. Sold and installed in the cemetery of Midwolde.

Postcard from 1972 entrance of the sculpture museum Godlinze.

Cross Image anno 1700 (one of the largest in the Netherlands – 7m high) Bruno Santanera got problems with local Reformists who believe in the cross but not in the Corpus. He removes the cross and sold it. It is now somewhere in Limburg.

Bruno Santanera in front of the door of the church Santa Maria Degli Angeli in Rome. Where he went to Don Gregorio from KIEF, Russia who turned on that day 100 years old.

Photo 1. Photograph of a meteorite.

Photo 2. Photograph of a cut meteorite. The composition is iron / nickel. The figures shown are called the figures of Widmanstatten.

Photo 3. From a slice of the meteorite a cross was made for Pope Giovanni Paolo II. 800 gram 24 krt. Gold. This cross was given during a visit to the place Desio (Milan It)

Photo 4. Pope Giovanni Paolo II.

During the construction of the museum in 1969 in Godlinze an excavator encountered a stone at the entrance of the museum wich it cracked in half. The neighbor mr. Dijkhuizen saw that the grain of the stone clearly showed a cross. For Bruno Santanera this discovery was a blessin.

Bruno Santanera in his study. In the background on the left is a carving of Christ and on the right you can see a tabernacle.

Bruno Santanera in 1970 at the opening of the museum.

„I tell you, Godlinze will be a famous recreation village. Hundreds of busses will come here, thousands of people will have fun in Godlinze. Bruno stoot with his arms spread in the heart of its director shack. With his dark eyes flickering it wouldn’t have surprised anybody if at that moment the high sky was darkened and lightning whimsical characters laureated the wrath of the Italian. Haagse courant 10-5-1972. Quote from the book „My struggle in Godlinze“. Between 1969 and 1982 2,500,000 visitors came to the museum.

Bruno Santanera with his daughter Fiordistella in front of San Franciscus da‘ Assisi. (sandstone statue)

Bruno Santanera with a 17th century sculpture by San Giusseppe (St. Joseph) made of white marble from Carrare, Italy.

Bruno Santanera in front of a sandstone statue of the Virgin Mary (ca 1600).

Origin of the Family Santanera Italy.

This is an envelope that the nuns of the nursing home „Santanera“ in „Santanera square“ have written to Bruno Santanera. The coat of arms and title „Marquis“ was given by Queen Christina of Sweden in 1932 to Maria Francesca Santanera, which was one of her personal advisers.

Hippolytuskerk from Delft demolished in 1973.

Mr. Santanera on the picture with the tower in his garden where he begins to dig … because he wanted to put the church upright into the garden, but the authorization was not provided, the reason, the municipality was concerned that the tower would be higher than the church of Godlinze. Bruno Santanera has a solution: in the newspaper he states that he will dig a hole in the garden where he will put the church in with stairs all the way around down there. Deep down on the ground will be a marble plate with the inscription Luctor et Emergo. It never came this far and Bruno Santanera announces that Godlinze the only village where a church lies horizontal.

Bruno Santanera In front of a Bas-relief of a sand-lime stone, the miracle of the five loaves and two fish of Jesus.

Bruno Santanera in front of a perfectly painted copy by Rafael Lucchesi from 1898 after the Maddonna della Seggiola by Raffaelo Sanzio from 1500.

Bruno Santanera on a poster for the film „Two Italians“ presented by Lava film.

This is a short overview of the collection I have built over the years. Unfortunately, I must say goodbye to many of these works because nobody in my family will continue the collection. I wish the buyer a lot of fun on this site and success.

With regards, Bruno Santanera.